Who are the Dukes?

Partners Bob & Shane are the self proclaimed "Dukes" paying homage to the original builder of the homestead, George Duke Thornhill. In 2020, when COVID hit both decided to sell their homes and use the profits to become mortgage free. Oddly the massive Thornhill homestead was the cheapest house on the market (found on cheapoldhouses.com) at the time with a bonus acre of land and an out building. The two had looked for properties closer to where they were currently living in Columbus but not even in the worst parts of town was there anything in the couples price range. Thornhill is what brought the two to Xenia to start a new way of life. In order to keep costs down, the two are mostly revitalizing the 150yr old property themselves, which requires a ton of research and patience. 

The ultimate goal is to make Thornhill a self-sustainable property once again by incorporating solar panels and hydro/wind turbines to generate their own electricity separately from the grid. The two are very cautious on materials used in the renovation to keep it as "green" as possible.